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Flyzone in New York

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Bodyflight Mobile Systems Inc

Flyzone in New York

UPDATE: Team Fly Zone is expanding into new markets and preparing to break ground in BC this 2014. There are no local operations at this time, Fly Zone launching in Taiwan, Guam and Hawaii this 2014 and more locations to be announced soon.

Bodyflight: You CAN Fly!

Ever dream you could fly only to awake exhilarated and wishing you were still asleep? Now you can live your dream.

With our mobile vertical wind tunnel system, immerse yourself in the world of high adventure skydiving -- without ever having to pack a parachute, deploy a parachute, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

NO Experience Necessary. Our Fly Zone Team will guide participants through the entire experience. Virtually anyone can fly -- ages 5 and up.

Bodyflight is a great activity:

The Newest High-Adrenaline Sport

Are you looking for your next new sport? Look no further and, trust us, this is no amusement ride. Bodyflight requires participants to manipulate their body’s position in space during the flight experience. Complement your current kayaking, wall climbing, or skiing activities by working all your muscle groups, especially targeting those in your core. Work out while having the time of your life!
More on Bodyflight as a sport

Adventurous Fun for the Whole Family

Always wanted to skydive but the thought of actually stepping out of the plane made you weak in the knees? Have active kids who like to feel like risk-takers and would love to fly? Fly Zone Bodyflight is a safe, controlled activity for almost anyone over the age of 5. There is no equipment investment and professional instructors are always on hand to make your experience as exciting as you’re comfortable with.

Still nervous? There is NO jumping or falling sensation. You just walk in and soar above the trampoline floor, using your body to fly.

Groups are even more fun! This is the ultimate team building experience and is also an exciting way to celebrate birthdays or stag/stagette parties. For groups of 10+ you will receive a 10% discount.

First-time flyers
What’s it Like?

Intensive, High-Results Skydive Training

Want to try out some new skills or polish up some old ones? With Fly Zone Bodyflight, there are no weather interruptions, no waiting for a plane to fill, and our fee structure is only a fraction of a skydive. In fact, just one minute in the mobile vertical wind tunnel is equivalent to one jump! Best of all, get one-on-one coaching while you’re in flight. You get instant feedback and can tweak your technique right away, honing skills that can take multiple jumps to perfect. More

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